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  1. Hi

    im looking for some advices from crude oil locals or traders , i m planning to be local on europe outcry .

    Id like to talk with some oil profesionnals traders .

    thank you
  2. just21


    Why don't you trade on the screens? More volume on IPE than Nymex are going to get in London.
  3. because they pay you a salary to be in the Nymex pit in Europe.
  4. just21


    How much?
  5. I think it's like 50. you'd have to check w/someone at NYMEX.
  6. I do not work on the floor, but I do work at the NYMEX and have several friends who are locals.

    If you have any specific questions, post them, and I can ask for you.
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    how much will nymex pay to stand on the floor and fill paper? i cant see this is true (but could be wrong)

    if so, it could well beat trading for rebates??

    :confused: :D :cool:
  8. you're right, I'm lying. ouch, I'm busted.

    do your own homework, moron.


  9. FredBloggs

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    so what are the details then??

    i would do my own 'homework', but as a busy trader, i dont have time to surf the net during business hours.

    any help would be appreciated.
  10. but you have time to...umm, nevermind.

    i don't know the details, cuz i'm not on nymex. but i'm around there, and I know they were paying people to go over. they may have stopped doing so. they may still do it. but if you have to ask....
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