Local Hometown Surveillance - WTF #$^$@!!!

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  1. Reuters
    January 17, 2011


    A proposed unmanned floating airship surveillance system is being hailed by city officials in Ogden, Utah as one way to fight crime in its neighborhoods.

    “We believe it will be a deterrent to crime when it is out and about and will help us solve crimes more quickly when they do occur,” Ogden City Mayor Matthew Godfrey told Reuters.

    The airship entails military technology now available to local law enforcement, he said.

    Godfrey floated the idea of a dirigible in the skies above Ogden for his city council members last week. The council is expected to vote on the measure in coming weeks.

    He says the cost of the blimp is being negotiated but said it is more “cost effective” to operate than helicopters or fixed winged aircraft.

    “We anticipate using it mainly at night. The cameras have incredible night vision to see with tremendous clarity daytime and nighttime. It will be used like a patrol car. It will be used to go and check things out and keep things safe,” said Godfrey.

    Article continues........ http://www.infowars.com/utah-city-to-deploy-big-brother-blimps/
  2. Won't be long before the Government has a remote control camera UP EVERYBODY'S ASS! (Don't believe it? Suggest reading George Orwell's, "1984".)
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    The L.A. county sheriffs operate surveillance drones routinely.

    They use them to generate revenue by writing citations for unmaintained swimming pools, unregistered vehicles, unpermitted construction (they notifiy the county) and anything else they see that they don't like.

    My home has an incredibly private pool area, not so much anymore evidently. Ah, the good old days. :D

    Time to find a deal on 2000-3000 sq-ft of camo netting.
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    Tsing Tao

    how long before people put a 50 cal bullet through the blimp and watch it sink?
  5. They wont do that because the blimp will catch them on camera doing it!
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    I will make a point to stay out of Wal-Mart. Her ugly mug is bad for business.
  8. Americans used to roar like lions for liberty.
    Now we bleat like sheep for security.
  9. I'm not sure we do... not sure were "asking for it". Seems the power hungry government keeps coming up with liberty-infringing policies to "keep us safe".. and we just go along with it... not fully realizing the price of such "good intentions". :mad: :mad:
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