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    In California, there are 14 cities that use local currencies like this. I posted the link for one of them. In all, there are over 100 local currencies used by people in the united states and the number keeps growing.

    I remember one guy though that made a currency and backed it by gold & silver and he was quickly arrested for doing that. I remember him making 1oz silver coins and putting dollar values on it, but he was arrested when he started printing paper and saying it was backed by gold and silver. I believe he called them liberty dollars. Heres a list of community currencies.


    Kind of makes me want to issue currencies in my own area. I could be my own central bank. Issue bonds in community currency and make loans in community currency. :D
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    LOL. Kinda makes me want to fire up a color laser printer. :D :D :D
  3. I guess there's a little bit of Bernanke in all of us.

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    Money for nothing (and the chicks for free). :D