LOB....look out below 10-31-08 12:18 mnt

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  1. lookout below
  2. Fine with me. My long exited at 69. Burn baby burn, it's Friday!
  3. i just got long a bunch of sds at 86
  4. up we go

    all dips are 2 b bought
  5. gonna drop! spy@97.85 14:45
  6. Long 1075 - 1150 ES verts in Z today. I'll stay long.
  7. This market is on fire. Huge shorts funds are getting routed left and right. Look at volkswaggen for example. If you want to try to buck this trend you will find yourself in the soup kitchen line.
  8. Right behind you?

    Keep it warm for everyone
  9. spoken in a Scottish accent...'the ship will sink, I assure you, it's a mathematical certainty.'

    alright, so its only a probability, (3-1)
  10. You keep on buying into a weak volume rally.
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