Loading Tradestation 2000 onto Windows 7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Pager, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Has anyone loaded TS 2000 onto Windows 7 ?

    Are there any issues, i now with vista it could be loaded but you had to do so in safe mode, cannot find anything about it being ok or not with W 7.
  2. I don't understand you. Why would anyone want to use such an old and crappy program with a new OS? That TS2000 program has probably screwed many traders with its wrong backtesting reports and I am certain it is one of the two programs involved in the study below


    I am trying to contact the author of the study to get the full details so I can hook up with other TS2000 users and investigate our legal possibilities. Just read the study in the above link. This crappy program might have cost you a lot of money already if you are backtesting.

    I recommend you uninstall that crap and get something like Amibroker, Ninja or MT, depending on what you do.
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    That's interesting goodgoing !

    Ive used TS 2000i for few years and made consistent money, my reason to stay with it when in reality there is probably far superior software available and more user friendly and cheaper is why change a winning strategy and part of that is TS 2000i, im used to it, comfortable with it and don't want to change.

    Maybe some of these problems with backtesting come down to quality of data, i use (third party) CSI and have no major issues.

    Whats good for one person is crap to another i suppose.
  4. Do you also drive a 12 year old car? I think this is how old TS2000 is.:)

    The TS2000 problems, if confirmed, are in the backtester. If you are not using the backtester it should be fine.
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    LOL :D no i dont drive a 12 year old car but i get your point.

    However, "it it aint broke why change it" :)

    I do use the backtester and only trade index futures and 6 markets only, all but one (ES) are Asian/Australian, the date feeds from CSI accurately and with no problems, im also only trading with End of Day data.
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    For any other dinosaurs out there

    Yes will load and run on W7 with no problem, make sure your running the 32 bit though.