Load Your Clips.

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    Hey folks, time to load your clips and get ready for increased crime!!!

    Crime is running rampet and its getting worse by the minute. Local police agencies just don't have the resources to patrol and fight back. Lower Tax revenue and increased department expenses (Fuel) is the problem. Police just don't patrol as much as they have in the past. With the way America is going economically, it will get worse.

    Along with foreclosures, layoffs, higher gas prices, many lower and middle income famlies have been desimated. Crime in my area is out of control. Most crimes of thefts, burglary, bank robberies, and assault in my area are being committed by young black and hispanic males.

    Most of these crimes are being committed at night while every one is asleep. Breaking into cars and stealing anything they can get, climbing up on roofs of houses and buildings to steal copper tubing and wire, taking complete A/C systems and the like. Assault and robbery while you walk down a sidewalk in the evening. It fucking out of control!!!

    Every Bank in my area has been robbed at gun point this year. It's literally the "wild west" here. Complete Lawlessness!!!!
    How is it in your area?

    Im ready for those thug fucktards!!!! Come onto my property to steal, harm me and my family, or hold me up on the street, I'll blow you away!!! .45ACP
  2. ok cowboy.. you just hold on to your hat now.

    take a break with abusing your sheep in the farm.. its against the law sherrif!
  3. Not to nitpick, the appropriate terminology is 'magazines.'

    Firearm experts really frown on the term 'clip' when speaking of magazines.

    .45 ACP isn't a bad choice, but I sure do like .357 SIG for a handgun (@ about 1,500 fps) and 7.62x39mm in an AK platform (preferably VEPR) just can't be beat for effectiveness when the gangs grow larger. :D
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    I'm too lazy to find the links, but I'm about 99% sure the data doesn't back that up at all. I though crime peaked in the 70's and has decreased fairly steadily since then. Although, we may be heading to the 70's.
  5. Hey....who needs guns???? Box cutters alone took out 4 major buildings.......right? :eek:

    New NYC public school system math....... 2 PLANES > 3 BUILDINGS
  6. Right, people who are not trained with guns call them clips and those that are trained call them magazines

    I just bought some more guns to add to the collection.

    The really cool thing about guns and ammo is that they dont go down in price and sometimes they go up a lot. So if they just sit there they make good investments and something you can hand down to your kids etc...

    If you ever do need one then you have one as well.

    When done properly it can save your family in crisis and inflation. doesnt get much better than that.

    Plus they are fun to shoot, Maybe the best investment you will be able to find in 2008
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    Yes guys, you are right its " magazines". Been a long day and week!!!

    Any of you have "carry and conceal" permit?
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    This is my weapon, this is my gun, this one's for.......

    You'll only make this mistake once.
  9. I don't need one......I have inalienable rights to defend myself and my family against ALL dishonorable criminal entities, WHOEVER they may be! :eek: :cool:
  10. SKS, great bang for the buck. Plus if the bad guys approach in single file I can kill 2-3 w/ one round ;)

    Hmmm, wonder if I'll have time tomorrow to pick up a bushmaster 25mm chain gun?
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