LOAD UP SHORTS: international crisis coming Jan 21/22 2009

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  1. Colin Powell's a reliable source for informed leaks. He managed to inform us that Al Jazeera would release a Bin Laden tape proving Iraq's links with Al Qaeda... hours before Ah Jazeera claimed they "discovered" the tape.

    Now regarding the Financial Crisis, Powell's crystal ball tells us, “The problems will always be there and there’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now."

    Huh? If we don't even know about it how does he know exactly WHEN the problem we don't know about is coming?

    Has this anything to do with the Debka File's claim Iran will have nuclear bomb capability by Feb '09?

    Democratic VP Joe Biden said, "There will be an “international crisis” early into Barack Obama’s presidency that will test the new president by forcing him to make unpopular decisions. "

    Huh? Who, what, why, where - don't just give us the when! And Obama will be President?

    Perhaps if we make generate enough publicity about this we can avert disaster - otherwise load up the shorts in Jan '09!


    Just like the Patriot Act was ready for 911, expect the global governance elite to have a pile of new laws ready for this crisis. Oh and don't worry, we are all safe in their hands... after all they know it's coming
  2. You're not going to win against those with all the money, power and big guns. Be prepared and have a place to go, with food and water for a long time, away from people and danger, should the shit hit the fan. If nothing happens, eat the food and stay home. Nothing lost.
  3. Is January 21st or 22nd the day the next US president gets sworn in? :cool:
  4. I don't know about you, but anytime "THEY" are feeling benevolent enough to leak something to the masses, I start to think fade.

    Remember when "THEY" were buying enormous puts on major indices on some bin laden rumor about a year or so ago, because some big disaster was about to happen. I recall the result of of that outcome, was bears were handily sent to the woodshed before the catastrophe rumor that "they" made sure to sweep over the mainstream's collective knowledge dump, never seemed to surface.

    P.S. Not saying "they" don't exist, just making the inference assuming they do.
  5. 2 days after
  6. Regarding preparations, much better to need them and have them than not. Doesn't mean one has to take a month off for fear of an event. But the threat is real and since I have no control over the muslim and russkie wackos with fingers on the button, I prepare. Prudence is wisdom... not unlike a hard stop rule.
  7. Ah, this is garbage. He was simply referring to the inauguration day. Brokaw posed the question with the reference of the what the next president will have to deal with after the inauguration date (Jan 21), and Powell simply misspoke when he said "on" Jan 21 or 22, instead of "after", when saying there would be a crisis at some point after the new president is in charge.

    But isn't conspiracy theorizing fun? What would Oliver Stone do without audiences like you? He'd be a poor man. :)
  8. GTS


    Got to love nut jobs that take a misstatement and turn it into a conspiracy.

    Yea, something huge is going to happen on exactly Jan 21st or 22nd... better get your tin foil hat on and hide in your bunker those two days.
  9. Coronation day.

    Or as some of you will refer to it as Cinderellabration Day

  10. correct
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