Load up on Visa and Mastercard

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  1. these stocks are seeing record revenues and are unaffected y the mental recession and fake credit crunch.

    Americans will continue to max out credit cards. Also, Brazil, Germany and Mexico seeing accelerating credit card usage and mastercard and visa are leading the way.

    DON'T ever buy American express or discover stock. Those companies are shit. The same for dry shitters (DRYS) and financials or airlines. Avoid home builder.s Avoid transports.
  2. I didn't even have to click on the thread to see who posted this. Hurry up everyone, buy MA and V. We're still waiting your call on the rest of your momo's :mad:
  3. So many people try to call the bottom on Gm and C. I am bullish on the same stocks that i was bullish on a year ago. Nothing changed.
  4. I have loaded up on the short side and have been right on so far! Holding short until Feb 09.
  5. Fed is printing to much cash, once hyperinflation hits and they are forced to raise intrest rates on the cards to 30% people will default like mad, not saying that is gonna happen soon but it will...
  6. MUST BE SNIFFING ELMER'S GLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THEY ARE NEXT IN LINE TO EAT A BUNCH OF DEFAULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Except for the fact that they're down 50-75% because of the fake crisis. But that's just a small details...go Web 2.0!
  8. Too bad you're can't see the bigger picture. Still dwelling on percentages.
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    It's a good thing YOU see the real picture. The fake credit crisis brought you down on your knees, sucking it's fake c_ck while your portfolio, if you have one, is down 60%.

  10. really? so i hear that they are unaffected by people not paying there bills and stuff. i really dont think they are immune

    A) much of there growth comes from emerging markets. first time users of credit cards. do you not think that there will be less people to use these cards in emerging markings now that all these indexes are down 60%?

    B)i really dont care if they make money per "tranasaction" and are unaffected by people not paying there credit cards. PEOPLE WILL BE MAKING LESS TRANSACTIONS for awhile. thus less money for V and MA. and no i dont think people will be using there credit cards more then cash becuase they cant pay there bills.

    C) these are growth companies so while you have a ISRG that is also unaffected my the credit crunch, people not not willing to pay a big p/e ratio right now.

    d)Visa lowered there long term growth forecast yesterday

    All these issues may change, but i will not be buying V anywhere near the ipo price. but if MA gets down there i may join you on your long
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