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  1. indicies are gonna start marching to the green again

    bottom seems to have been hit

    no good reason for the selling again

    when there is no compelling reason you buy

    and cover puts and shorts
  2. People keep talking about the volume being weak on rallies, which I'll admit is true....but the volume on these selloffs has even been more pathetic. Since the initial drop, there's been no real conviction for the sellers.

  3. "no compelling reason?" you need to lay off the pipe...
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    What a rediculous dip. NOTHING is dipping enough to get excited about (ok, GROW dipped $2, but that doesn't count after a $17 run).

    Well, I bought some of Stoney's DLSL at $3.60. That may be another wild ride:).
  5. Reading the yahoo finance I see LEN is having some issues and the subprime mess is surfacing again but nothing new or breaking.
  6. just small issues... Dont mind oil, iran, the fed gov statement this morning, Len qtr results only tumbled more than 70% b/c subprime. Sectors normally follow each other.

    Then again something in this market is holding it up? Euphoria???
  7. Oil is still very low compared to its range over the last 18 months. The market rallied under much worse scenarios with both oil and Iran last year.

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    That's because you're stupid enough to continue calling it a subprime issue which means you've never even read about it which means you have no interest in answering my questions which I've posed to you about 5 times now. Keep rocking on putz! :D
  9. Hurling insults isnt going to change the fact that the subprime issue isn't a big deal and that the markets will continue to move higher. Since the subprime story surfaced 2 weeks ago the markets have actually been up.
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    Once again you exhibit the fact that you're still calling it the "subprime" issue and pretty much admitting that you're an idiot who hasn't read anything about it...if you did you didn't understand it.

    The "subprime" issue isn't old news silly idiot, it's going to be in the future...that's why it's getting more and more media coverage, not less and less.

    You really stupid. Not hurling insults, telling the truth. :)
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