LNX, Clinton's New Holding!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Feb 12, 2007.

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    breakout above 4.6 for the first time in the past month!.
    constant low is higher than previous low, high is higher than previous high
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    solid support at 4.2, if you take a 5 minute chart over 10 days.
    it is only a 10% down from its recent new high.
    i expect insider buying will be reported soon, since Clinton Group is over 5% now, and they must file form 4 now whenever they buy more shares.
    from its trading activities, I can they are still buying shares.
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    also take a look at feb/15 13g by RCG fund, they added 500k shares.

    another 13g/a filed by FMR who is still the current largest holder did not sell one single share in its drop!.

    so that conclude this: New Big Buyers and No Big Sellers. they only direction for this stock will be going back up.

    News Front:
    payment waiver is received!
    new management is installed!

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    new high today $5 now. wow
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    new recent high at 5.2

    check out the breakout at 4.6, 5 and now at 5.2.

    check out the history of clinton group fund, they buy a lot of shares and buy a seat at the board to change the management. they never pump and dump. they are long term investors!

    i expect another 13G/A or 4 to be filed soon.