LNKD to drop 50% this week

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    Nice short... One of the best. Going to drop 50%.

    All those worthless coupon and community stocks...

    Nice opportunity.
  2. where can you find the short
  3. Hi what does

    P/E (ttm): 1,157.59

    mean? :(
  4. Marin88


    does it mean lnkd guys are smart mofo's ?
  5. et is the best.

    just fade every call except mine
  6. LNKD with a 200% growth in earnings still has a forward pe of 166.

    I hope you weren't short all week, because that's from 92 to 110. It's very worthless at that price even if it manages to eek out a $100 million profit it's still going to be 100 times earnings.
  7. It's in an up-trend, markets can stay irrational, for longer than you can stay solvent. Short weakness when you see a break in the bottom channel of a trend line. Right now we're still having higher highs, and higher lows. I don't want to chase, or short this stock. Only on a breakout of the bottom channel will I make a move on this chart, by shorting. But, on the bottom channel I'll have a buy order, and if it still breaks through. I'll have to stop out, and re-enter with a short entry. If it bounces off the channel, I'll earn 3-6% on a multi-day swing trade.

    This is what they mean, by having a trading plan. Have a well positioned entry, and a poor exit, and you'll make money. If you have a poorly positioned entry, and a well planed exit. You'll still lose money. Have a plan, not a hunch.
  8. really, where can u find the short? i cant find with my brokers
  9. if they attract enough shorts can make money with manipulation of price only :D

    Say 3M total shorts means 3M for each $ of profits for them. Price to 150, means they made extra 120M profit. And here you go. Price is justified :D :D :D
  10. The synthetic short is at a small discount to the shares.
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