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  1. Surprised to see that LNKD has been able to hold $80. I don't see any impact this website is making and very little buzz around. I only know a handful of people that actually ever even visit the site. Will this be one of those stocks where the bottom falls out one week and it never sees $80 again. Id like to hear what others think about it.
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    I disagree - it is being heavily used. It is quickly becoming the recruitment tool for companies (and headhunters) looking for employees, and over the past six months I have seen explosive growth in new members and how they are using it. There are a ton of resources out there on how to properly build your profile to turn up in searches, and I know of three people who have gotten new positions through LNKD. Two years ago I didn't see the point, but they are quickly carving out a niche and I think they are here to stay.
  3. I like the site as an electronic way of giving employers previews of your resume, but lnkd <b>does not make enough money to even be in the billions</b>

    Institutional ownership at 98% just signals a huge sell-off in this stock is coming:

    LNKD Industry Comparision:Vs. Internet Software & Services
    LNKD Industry Average Percentile
    in Industry
    Market Capitalization $7.59B $5.38B 97th
    Beta (1 Year Annualized) -- 1.27 --
    EPS (Adjusted, 06/30/2011 TTM) $0.17 $12.99 69th
    Current Consensus EPS Estimate $-0.03 -- --
    EPS Growth
    (TTM vs. Prior TTM) 240% +32.31% 95th
    P/E (TTM)
    AS OF 08/18/2011 463.71 39.51 99th
    Dividend Yield (Annual) -- 2.53% --
    Total Revenue (TTM)
    AS OF 06/30/2011 $358.46M $16.45B 87th
    Revenue Growth
    (TTM vs Prior TTM) +112.43% +37.31% 94th
    Shares Outstanding 96,272,000 402,705,536 80th
    Shares Short*
    2.31M -- --
    Institutional Ownership 98.46% 71.58%

    EPS growth of 240% is good, but earnings are only at $0.17 per share. This leaves a PE ratio of 464.

    For growth to be accretive, we might say the peg at full value is at 1. This means whoever owns this stock is expecting a nearly 500% rise either in this year or the next year, but they will not earn any return if that happens because it is already in the stock.
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    It's not clear how they can generate significant revenue. Depending on recruiters & headhunters purchasing premium memberships to justify your 8+ bil valuation is a pipedream.

    Times are tough in the job placement industry
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