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Would you like to get funded?

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  1. Hi guys,
    Many of you have heard of a chace to get funded through the LMI Traders' Recruitment program. Some people have asked, how many funded trader we have and what kind of money they earn.

    This is the thread where anyone who has been funded by Liberty Market Investment can leave their feedback. Did you enjoy the experience of getting funded? Where there any obstacles on the way?

    Let's start with one of our autumn funded traders, Denis. We've recently recorded an interview with him. It was translated - so turn your subtitles on and see how this guy get funded and how he managed to earn $13,000 with us.

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  2. traderjo


    so what % of traders that they take your paid challenge you actually fund?
  3. qlai


    Thanks for sharing. Very humble guy. It's amazing to me how the barrier to entry had been lowered by companies like yours.
  4. bbpp


    The approach of this guy is to catch intraday big move, by following intraday trend.
    And his major profit source came from trading GC.
    But I am afraid GC's easy day is gone. I mean GC has changed behavior for the past a few weeks. Not only we couldn't see big move day, but it now just follows ES in every step,every minute, yet in opposite direction.So trading GC is now literally trading ES.
  5. On the other hand, it still depends on how you master your trade. Some people know how to make use even of those symbols that "follow" others without looking at correlation.
  6. traderjo


    so what % of traders that they take your paid challenge you actually fund?
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  7. Ak7373


    very interesting waiting for more interviews with funded traders
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  8. ticktick


    What is the fee structure and Round Turn cost for platform, commission, clearing, routing, data etc?
  9. 22 contest.png
    Dear traders,

    We invite you to take part in our first Trading Contest in 2020 this Wednesday, January 22! You will get a full access to VolFix platform and mobile app. You need to register to take part in the Contest.

    Registration will be open on January 22nd, at 00-00 UTC and will end 14:29 UTC the same day.

    The Contest itself will start on 14:30 UTC and finish at 18:59 UTC. Here are the contest rules:

    1. You will be trading a $ 50,000 Practice Session account.

    2. There is no profit target.

    3. Maximum drawdown $ 1,000.

    4. Permitted products are American futures.

    5. You can trade during the news releases

    6. You can make any trades as possible

    7. By 18:59 UTC, all trades must be closed

      * Please note that if you do not close all your trades by 18:59 UTC, they will be automatically closed at 19.00 UTC. You will therefore violate the Contest rule (trading outside permitted time) and will not be eligible to claim a prize.
    Now to the sweetest part - Contest prizes!

    1st place (highest profit among all participles without violating any Contest rules): a free $ 50,000 Practice Session

    2nd place: a free $ 30,000 Practice Session

    3rd place: a free $ 10,000 Practice Session

    * Those who adhere to Contest rules and don’t win any of those prizes, will still be eligible for a 25% discount on any 10-50k Practice Session..

    We wish you a successful trading!

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lmitrade/

    Free Trial Account for 14 days to try our Trader Recruitment Program
    Get 15% off on your first Practice Session purchase (new users only, please contact our support team)

    Liberty Market Investment
    LP 45B West Wilmot st. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2P3

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team:
    email: support@lmitrade.com
    skype: support@lmitrade.com
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  10. The tournament is over, and it was a short one, but wow we got more than 250 people taking part!

    Here's how those guys were competing. You can literally see the intensity of the struggle when people pushed hard fighting for the first three prizes!

    Or top prize winner, Valex, was trading crude oil only. He was shorting it hard as soon as he noticed the day downtrend. Using full leverage (5 lots, all in, all out), he reached maximum profits. Probably the best tatcits for a short contest like this.
    Congrats Valex on winning the 50K Practice session!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    View attachment 217531

    The second prize winner, 1st_Trader, did pretty much the same thing shorting CL

    View attachment 217532

    However, he earned a few bucks on Gold as well. But comparing his CL profits ($2900) and GC profits ($260), its easy to see that trending markets are always better to trade when you need to quickly pick your profits and get away from the markets.

    Lastly, our third prize winner, u3174804, traded indicies (ES and NQ) only. He took advantage of a local head and shoulders setup and it played out well!

    View attachment 217535

    Congratulations to our winners! And to all ho get a 25% discount for sticking to the Contest rules!

    This February we'll do a one WEEK Contest, just because you asked! More great prizes and new opportunities to get funded.

    More information to come... Thanks for staying with us.

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