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Would you like to get funded?

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  2. No, I'd rather prefer to risk my own capital and stay independent

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  1. Hi guys,
    Many of you have heard of a chace to get funded through the LMI Traders' Recruitment program. Some people have asked, how many funded trader we have and what kind of money they earn.

    This is the thread where anyone who has been funded by Liberty Market Investment can leave their feedback. Did you enjoy the experience of getting funded? Where there any obstacles on the way?

    Let's start with one of our autumn funded traders, Denis. We've recently recorded an interview with him. It was translated - so turn your subtitles on and see how this guy get funded and how he managed to earn $13,000 with us.

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  2. traderjo


    so what % of traders that they take your paid challenge you actually fund?
  3. qlai


    Thanks for sharing. Very humble guy. It's amazing to me how the barrier to entry had been lowered by companies like yours.
  4. bbpp


    The approach of this guy is to catch intraday big move, by following intraday trend.
    And his major profit source came from trading GC.
    But I am afraid GC's easy day is gone. I mean GC has changed behavior for the past a few weeks. Not only we couldn't see big move day, but it now just follows ES in every step,every minute, yet in opposite direction.So trading GC is now literally trading ES.
  5. On the other hand, it still depends on how you master your trade. Some people know how to make use even of those symbols that "follow" others without looking at correlation.
  6. traderjo


    so what % of traders that they take your paid challenge you actually fund?
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    very interesting waiting for more interviews with funded traders