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  1. http://www.icelebz.com/gossips/tv/c...s_the_rise_of_america_s_new_black_overclass_/

    Imagine if it was an exclusively white show. There would be riots in the streets.

    The Obama feel good wave is still running strong. LMAO

    Why start a show making certain races exclusive, and then turn right around and act as if it's wrong to consider race as a factor?

    Do you want unity or do you want to keep people feeling divided?

    This thread isn't meant to be a rail against blacks, this thread is pointing out the hypocrisy of the media.

    They say you are supposed to pretend as if everyone is equal, etc and that no race exists...but then they pump up shows promoting racial divides and exclusion. "Black Overclass". LOL Imagine if there was a show about the "White Overclass". lol

    Or hell, imagine how racist it would sound to start a show about the "Jew Overclass". LMAO, could you imagine what kind of shit would go down if you started a show like that?

    It's just hilarious how it all works.

    P.S. If they had started a new show/series exclusively about the "White Overclass" I would be bitching too, for the record. This isn't some "white power" rant.
  2. CNBC Will Air New Documentary "Newbos: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass"

    Tune in for next weeks edition: "Pakiboos: The 7-11 Overclass, The rise and fall of the Slurpie"
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  4. LMFAO!
  5. More buzzword inflammatory vote-mining stupidity:


    Seriously? If you are going to consider it a slap in the face for a state governor to decline the stimmilus money, then why not just consider it a slap in the face of all residents...why is it only a slap in the face of "African-Americans"?

    Guess those unemployed white folks facing foreclosure down South are also part of the evil racist scheme to deprive "African-Americans" of their stimmilus money. They are willing to suffer just to make sure the black folks don't get any gummint money.

    It is dumb shit like this coming from politicians that keep racial tensions going.

    Why doesn't anyone just fucking consider an American as an American, regardless of race?

    BTW- No one stops to consider what kind of strings are attached in taking the money. Given the fact that there has been speculation of states (possibly) seceding, who knows what kind of provisions and clauses are involved, possibly including taking away STATES RIGHTS?