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  1. rogcas


    Anybody know the difference?

    Know there is somthing about settlements (futures traded are more like forwards etc) - so t + expiry I think

    Have traded COMEX copper, but the LME stuff looks interesting - steel futures are on the way as well... :cool:
  2. Up.

    I have the same question.
  3. Realist


    The one thing that I can comment on about LME trading is that the electronic trade has been around for sometime but it is not widely available here in the US for retail trading the base metals contracts such as copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, etc. My understanding is that the contract sizes for the LME metals complex are about 2x the value of a COMEX copper contract. So this means that the overnight margins are quite high i would imagine. I still prefer to trade the precious metals on NYMEX/CBOT which has much better liquidity, tighter spreads, low exchange / execution fees and they are in a well established bull market still whereas the base metals have begun to come off already...
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    There is mini contract, which is 1/5 the size of normal contract.
  5. Pocus


    You have reasonably liquid futures for the five most important base metals:

    ticker metal OI as of 09-Jul-2009
    LA Prim Aluminum 522k
    LP Copper 138k
    LX Zinc 137k
    LN Nickel 53k
    LL Lead 40k

    Margins are "relatively high", for copper it's USD 13750 for example.