LMAO - Turn up your speakers!!

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  1. RAF618


    Oh boy is this a gem....

    Came across this gem on a paid google ad.....


    Make sure you call his cell phone for some great trading advice...



  2. hey, the guy is bragging about his only winner for the year!

    ....can you blame him, he is as shocked as we are!!!

    LOL! :D
  3. Good god, he sounds like his wife just had a baby or something.

    It really must be a great trade for him, hehe.

    I wonder how many people actually signed up for that crap.
  4. The man risked almost $500 on that option trade. What a nut! I cannot follow someone who throws around so much cash so carelessly. I wonder if his investors or clients knew of that $500 exposure when he put the option trade on. I am sure they would have complained big time at him for putting all their capital at risk on one long option trade. :D

    You think he would rehearse the recorded message a few times instead of sounding like a stuttering Elmer Fudd..

    Be vewy vewy qwiet..... I'm hunting woptions!
  5. newtoet


    Why would someone trying to sell their own product cover their website with Google ads for other products?

    That is bizarre. What a pro!
  6. He's long the "British Pound Yen" too! Sounds like he's on supplemental O2 for COPD. God, I need a Silkwood shower after listening to that, eww!
  7. RAF618


    Oh my risk, I really am laughing hard now, didn't catch that the first time....This really is too funny...This guy will wonder where all these page hits came from LOL...

    A shame that people out there go for this stuff...no pride...c'mon now...LOL "GO LONG THE BRITISH POUND YEN FOR THE OVERNIGHT INTEREST!!!"

    Sick indeed....

    Very sad this isn't regulated...

    Anybody call his cell yet???

  8. He says it was a Forex option trade, but in small print it was actually a bet on ScamOTheWeek at Belmont Park Racetrack 5th Race 7/2/04, who paid 20.60 for a duece.

    Ya gots to read the fine print.
  9. When I get to my 3000th post I will reveal how to make a living trading for only 3 seconds a month.
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    He's long the "British Pound Yen" too!


    Hey be nice now...he is in a complex arb play! :D
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