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Discussion in 'Journals' started by lucky lucille, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi all. An inexperienced newb here that hopes new year will bring riches. What I lack in experience hope to make up for with raw talent.

    Everything i ever tried i learned quickly, doubt this be anyth different.
  2. i trade 24 hrs/day, i'm afflicted with ADHD so say my docs.

    combinded with asperger consider this a godsend in ths endeavor
  3. iIll keep it simple with only a 5 and 15 minute chart. Believe that all the information I need is contained within those two charts.

    The 15 minute gives longer term trend, but not too long term for a daytrader. For instance it gives the open and close of previous days, so why do i need "daily's"? It gives intraday trend too filtering out much of the noise.

    If the 15 mis my "slow MA", the 5 minute is my "fast MA" so to speak.It's here I hope to glean some insght into price behaviour that lead to the formation of my 15 min bars. It's here I will watch intently for clues to momentum and and early dirction. Always had an eye for detail.

    All constructive comments from ET's Elite corp of successful traders always welcome, any helpful advice encouraged.

    Thank You, and please wish me luck in this my latest endeavor.
  4. How many other's have a YM journal here?
  5. US markets open in less than an hour..

    i expect to clean up..

    thats my level of confidence.

    i did my homework..
  6. CALLumbus


    Hi LL,

    wish you the best of luck for your trading. I like that you want to keep it simple, thats a good first step.

    Will your trades be on a SIM account or real ? How many cars you are going to trade ?
  7. :D

    uhmmm you might try a bit more homework
  8. damn holiday..never could figure those hours :mad:
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