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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by bahodirz, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. bahodirz


    i am new to prop. trading.. this is second time i am puting quesion on public. can you name stable reputable prop. firm.
    with following :
    5k deposit
    no series 7
    good commision rate.

    i have 3-4 years of posiotion trading experince, with IB.

    thank yo in advance for those , who replied
  2. I thought all prop firms required the 7 (or the 62 at a minimum)?

    Can't skirt the SEC buying power rules without being licensed.
  3. bahodirz


    hhh! I dont know much about prop. firm. but based on reading these forum, i concluded that some prop. firm that require sereis 7, and some not, like CY gruop, benchmarq,
  4. Surdo


    Do you have a US Passport, or a green card at least?
  5. bahodirz


    i dont, but i can only hope to get bisiness visa , will it work