LLNW nice ipo.

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  1. not....
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    seriously...what a joke that has been. And it was a HOT ipo too...Bob Pisani was all over it a la CROX a few years back. Funny, he hasn't mentioned it since.
  3. Like all frauds, they bury their dead without fanfare.
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    He's the worst of the worst as far as I'm concerned. He's good if you like misinformation, or re-treaded old information. What's he going to do when the last $2 broker is pulled off of the NYSE a few months from now? Where will he get his scoops, "Traders are saying..."?
  5. down 60 cents (4+%) since my mention,.

    A count that as ANOTHER WINNER
  6. He's a douche.

    So is that studdering donkey Dylan Rattigan. How they hell did he get a job as an anchor?

    He reminds me of the joker from Batman.
  7. The sweet thing is my stalkers (now on perm ignore) get to suffer as they see the winners roll in.

    Victory is sweet.
  8. You need to use tight stops at all times.

    You knew that, right?
  9. and wtf is the news here? I dont see any news or anything on the crappy DJ wire.

  10. weird, just noticed that 27% move on Friday mid-day. No news? Guess a little short squeeze action.

    Hmm, wonder what the next beat up IPO to make a move like that. Perhaps Bagstone? Nah, maybe it will go down to 26-27 before a significant bounce.

    You get an A+ for calling that fallen knife bounce in LLNW.
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