LLL: Strong Buy

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  1. I like certain stocks in the defense sector, especially the middle-tier ( not prime ) electronics defense contractor L-3 Communications.

    Buy L-3 today with a stop in at $61.50 for a long term "core" position.

    $1.2 billion in net free cash flow and corporate guidance of +10% nominal earnings growth for 2009 = $7.50 per share,; with 8% organic growth vs the 6% sector metric, $1 billion stock re-purchase over the next 2 years, and the smallest pension fund expense "headwind" in the entire defense sector.

    Do your own due-diligence.
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    Looks good. Gates stayin on is a huge plus
  3. L-3 board of director John White is on the Obama Defense Transition Team.
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    I'm just afraid L-3 will come back to 61.50 and get you out and go up again without your "core" position :p
  5. That's why it's going higher.
    It doesn't care about me or you getting "in".
  6. Closed at 67.17 today on the highs of the week.
    +$4.00 since Wednesday's recommendation.

  7. Got pushed down to 64.07 on the weaker opening . . . Now rallying back and trading -$1.00 at 66.17 as the Dow is still -390 points.

    Buy the dips.
  8. It's Friday and after trading as low as 64.84 the stock is heading back up to the highs of the week . . . trading as high as 68.17 with 45 minutes left in the session.

    Ran into minor resistance at the 21-day MA yesterday just above $69

    LMT, GD, and NOC are trading up as a group as well.
  9. LLL: +$2.34

  10. LLL: +$1.50

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