LLL - Running Into Earnings

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  1. Stock bottomed last Thursday for a nice oversold bounce.
    Earnings out tomorrow morning.
    Stock running to the upside
    nicely today!
  2. Beats EPS estimates by a penny and guides higher for the 2007 fiscal year by 10 cents!
  3. +$1.50 on an upgrade this morning by defense analyst Peter Arment at JSA Research.

    Stock has now rallied 3 points since my "heads-up"

  4. Now trading $85.60 and +$3.30 on the day!
    Go L-3!!!

  5. Traded $87.01 today!
  6. $87.75 intra-day high today and company announces a 33% increase in its dividend to $1.00 per share annually.

  7. Continuing to Run . . .

    Gotta love this company!!!

  8. Now trading $89.10 which is +$1.30

    Director Peter Cohen filed yet another Form 4 of his Valentine's Day purchase of 5,000 shares on the open market at $87.20, the day after he purchased 10,000 shares.
  9. Strong buyer yesterday on the 85.00 bid from 12:40PM till 2:00PM when the stock was only down .60 cents.

    Even when the stock broke into the $84 handle with the market break after 2PM, L-3 saw good buying.

    Low and behold, and UPGRADE by JP Morgan today.



    (pair trade)

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