LLL (L-3 Communications)

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  1. Anyone else trade this earlier and waiting to see how bad we get reamed from the coming trade breaks?
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    yeah. when are those instutional "traders" going to learn to stop using market orders... lol
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    Hi MNX, how are you?

    i was looking for info on swift trade and I saw a post you made from December 2003, i know, 4 years ago...lol

    in that post you said you were about to start with swift trade in hamilton.......at this point im waiting to get an interview from swift trade in hamilton, last time i spoke to them, they were having interviews for December.......

    Question: are you still with swift? how easy or hard was it to hit the monthly minimum targets??

    can you give me some details about swift in a private message or an email?
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    why don't you send me a PM next time?

  5. Given today's "news", perhaps it wasn't just a "fat-finger"?


    The "loss" of this Linguistics Contract does not change 2007 and 2008 guidance for L-3 because the company gave guidance w/o this contract.

    This has been a "crappy" contract to begin with ( inherited by L-3 via their acquisition of Titan Industries ) because it's margins are so small that it actually holds down L-3's ORGANIC GROWTH rate.
  6. They are working on a new product for the CIA. Pretty impressive technical surveillance application.

    It is a new type of audio surveillance product that uses a new burst mode transmission capability that will store up to 24 hours of audio before actually sending it to the head end facility, it will only transmit during times of low detection threat. The device determines the threat level using an advanced set of wideband recievers to detect the existence of TSCM equipment in the vicinity of the device. It will also feature type-1 COMSEC. The device will be encased in a cutting edge material that will make it impossible to detect with nonlinear junction detection equipment. The device will probably retail for around 2 million dollars each. Remember the CIA will probably order this in bulk, usually in 10 packs along with the receivers which usually cost in the ballpark of 40 million each.

    I say long on LLL.