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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Apex Capital, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Buying mezzanine electronics defense contractor with a stop at Mondays' lows . . . $73.02

    Take a look at the chart.
    Do your own DD.
  2. Nice little hammer and engulfing candle today with volume but there is a lot of overhead resistance to get through but this is all just technically speaking of course.

    I wouldn't take it!
  3. magicz


    slowly decenting to 65....that is my prediction. There will be a rally around late december then a slow slide.

    justification: ESPP....
  4. Chagi


    To quote your September 23rd post:

    "The low is in"


    I took a look at the chart, and it looks to me like it is currently in a fairly pronounced downtrend. Today's close was $74.50, it'll be interesting to check back in a couple of weeks.
  5. Yep, and I was stopped out as stated in a following post on that very same thread at $81.06

    Been long a core position in the stock since 1998, so I might be a bit long-biased on the management at the company. The DoD Quadrennial Review is a cloud overhanging this entire sector ( comes out in February), but I am betting that even if growth in the Investment Account in the DoD budget slows from a torrid 7.4% to something more tepid like 3.5%, I am pretty confident that L-3 can continue to show 10% organic growth across all four divisions.
  6. A close back above the 10 day MA today would be constructive, currently coming thru at 75.15

    Stock currently trading at 15.6 times 2006 EPS by Cai von Rumohr at Cowen & Company. L-3 trades at a premium to the slower growing prime contractors. Net Free Cash Flow for 2005: $675 million.

    Recent acquisition of TTN adds .30-.35 cents per share accretion in 2006.
    Lots of cost/revenue synergies.