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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lately, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Can anyone recommend a good, reputable website for registering a Nevada LLC?
  2. Some people say a Nevada LLC registration isn't worth it because you have to keep an office there, and mail box etc which could come down to a hefty sum. Then, some of the registration compains maintain that you can have the whole complete service for a fee of $100 per month etc.

    Whatever you do just go in it well prepared so that you know what you're getting into.
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    I appreciate the reply. We do not have a physical location at the moment anyways, who requires us to have an office there?
  4. There are several requirements depending...

    #1 NV (and most all States) requires a registered representative who is based in NV. So if you are not living in NV yourself, by law, you must have a NV domicile be the registered agent.

    #2 If you are registering in NV but are not actually IN NV (why would you want to do such a thing?) generally means that you are someplace not in NV. If you are in one of the other 49 States, then you are supposed to register there as a foreign LLC doing business in the State.

    #3 If you do not have an office in NV whatsoever, then for State income tax purposes how are you planning on having your LLC pass-through income taxed? If you are operating out of say CA for example, then without an office in NV, perhaps 100% of the income will be allocated to CA.

    #4 ditto for the IRS. If you have no legitimate office in NV, what are you doing there in the first place? First blush assumption is going to be that you are there for no good reason at best, and for tax evasion of other nefarious purpose at worst.