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    I was with JC trading and in light of all the Tuco and prop discrepancies they are returing everyones deposit capital and not trading until this thing gets figured out in a way that will not upset the SEC. I did get my money today from them. I did not request it they returned it. So hopefully the will open for buisness again, they were a good crew.
  2. what platform did you trade with jc trading?i know jc trading was under tuco for sterling but not for laser. is jc trading still offering laser under there llc are did they close all there trading activities?i think they were actually under tuco's llc for sterling so they got a big scare
  3. They closed down sterling for a bit until they opened new accounts for them after Tuco, but I was on Laser. I got the call yesterday saying in light of all thats going on and the legalities in the air so far they are returning all deposits. If you look on the website at their locations they no longer list any us locations just the three that were over seas
  4. rsikit they must have gotten some heat. i think they had 50 are so traders.
  5. Yeah I know but atleast they returned the deposits and were honest about the situation and said hopefully when they figure things out they will be back, they were being pre emptive which is a good thing in this industry
  6. how did you guys like Laserspeed?
  7. I used laser it wasnt to bad it did the trick.
  8. to rescue trader from the sub-LLC mess,
    the FED should print 25k dollars for each trader
    bail them out and let them go retail.

    mmm, maybe they don't deserve it,
    they haven't ruined anybody... yeah,
    forget it.
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    I traded through them today (Laser), no one contacted me to stop.
  10. Are you canadian or american. Im wondering if this is a factor.
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