LK to resume trading Wednesday after a month of being halted.

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  1. And then what you jump and trade them? As in i assume you trade various items every time ? Iam
    Just asking because i trade the same shit over and over and its been so ling i wonder how can people trade new stuff every time
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  2. I use to trade twenty stocks for years until decimals hit, sucked because the NYSE stopped holding real size once the 1/8ths and 1/16s vanished. Sat on the bid and ask at the same time, lots of boxed position errors. I agree it is hard playing these pumps, but there is a lot of newbies chasing them.. I play NVDA everyday, not huge just small to keep up my feel and same with bynd. Friday you could see the buy pressure(NVDA) so I played the $325 and $330 calls.
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  3. I should go to bed, I got a bad habit of researching all night and no sleep. Keep a eye on NNDM, MARK and LK. NNDM had some tech breakthrough, good luck tomorrow, oh it's today already!
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  4. I see
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  5. Ahhh your like me, research at night time before
    Market hours, except
    I swing trade i purposely sleep
    During market hours and wake up
    The last hour to place my trades
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  6. I should have held my NNDM, I knew it would scream today. Went from $1 to $4.30(After hours), I saw a few $5 prints right now. I got no shares, sold them all in after hours yesterday. A few 4x trades and we are set.
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  7. Never too late plus dont forget options
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  8. Nah, not interested in these delta plays. I was a owner at some point when it first did it's IPO on my other account, didn't hold on to it for long thank god.

    Good luck, looks like it gapped down :)
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  9. That's why people avoid stocks like NNDM, it fell from $4.7 to $2.50 in a heart beat. Thank goodness I dumped yesterday, love my trader's gut!
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  10. I just watched one fall from $4.6 down to $2.38, 800,000 shares was on the offer pushing it down fast. I wonder how many people lost their ass on NNDM.
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