LK to resume trading Wednesday after a month of being halted.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Amun Ra, May 20, 2020.

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  3. Hahahaha
    Looks like warzone here
  4. This thread made me smile :)
  5. Sounds fun, it can't be any more challenging than trading NNBR today or the CBD oil stock on Monday with MARK. Where will it open up at, what's your guess? I just jinxed myself saying"It can't be any harder to trade than NNBR". I will sit on a chair with a dunce hat for saying something dumb.
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  6. Gaps down, but who knows, I know better to not to call ups or downs. Hard to see anyone buying it at this point though, shorting is even harder.
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  7. The HFTS and young Robinhood kids are going to have fun at the Open. Are you going to play it? I might play a few shares, living in a mobile home hiding from my Ex allows me to be happy with small gains!

  8. How do you find these names to trade?
    Search for most active volume i assume ?

  9. Sounds like your happy without the ex period

    its had heavy volume before so wouldn't be surprised more volume now
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  10. On pump and dump mailer lists, two stock radars set with my criteria plus long time friends who blast me with texts if they think I did not see the move.
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