LJM Preservation and Growth Fund, collapsed by 82 percent! (WTF?)

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    A Mutual fund of all things! and the name "LJM Preservation and Growth Fund" Makes it sound like Capital preservation is part of the plan with some growth thrown into the mix.

    All these jokers did at LJM Partners did was take in investor money and bet all on black and they did not even bother to hedge obviously.

    I bet they collected a shit tone of fees in the process. They are gonna get hit hard with lawsuits and I would have to say they are in deep shit.

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    Wow, this is big. I remember when they took that 67% hit in 2008 and came back from that swearing it would never happen again.
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    "Preservation and Growth Fund". At least they have a sense of humor (but I doubt the investors do).
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    LOL Wow so many trophies. I bet the sucked in a lot of investors to go into that fund by showing them all these rewards they won.

    Well they were right, they did not take a 67% hit they broke new records with this 82% hit! :)
  6. What about 'Long Term Capital Management'?

    I think to not jinx it, its best not to do some overt marketing name.

    Definitely not bagholder fund
    Double bagger every year fund
    Best fund on Wall Street fund
    Buy low sell high fund
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  7. It's a hedge fund, not a mutual fund.
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    If I ever invest in a mutual fund again I'll pick one called 'short term capital destruction' just to be on the safe side.
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  9. Not sure why nobody made a fund with a stupid name like that as a joke.

    Bagholder fund
    Buy high sell low fund
    Margin called often fund

    Maybe it hurts attracting investor money. Maybe that's it. It's all about marketing yourself right?

    Up bigly fund
    Yuuuuuuge money fund
    MAGA fund
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    Maybe I'll Make a Moderate Profit But I Might Lose It All Capital Management.
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