Liz on Fox at 2pm, 0ct 18

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  1. FOX BUSINESS NETWORK is expected to announce that CNBC's Liz Claman has joined the new channel and will make her debut this afternoon at 2pm... DEVELOPING...

    This is why God made the mute button.
  2. BTW, the "developing" is from Drudge. Last time I checked, she was fully "developed".
  3. No need for audio when just oggling jumbalones.

    Sending Rennick a PM... I know he wouldn't want to miss it.
  4. You guys like how I fixed her hair. She didn't want the highlights; took me all weekend to talk her into it.

    Ok, Back to Bloomie. I'm a Kathleen Hays sort a guy when push comes to shove.

    I'll bet Rupert opened the vault doors for Liz. Good for her. CNBC needs a little come uppance.
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    credit to malone42 and IceMan
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    I think you have a future @ SAC based upon a few of your posts Big Boy! I am sure you can get the key to the back door from Ping.
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    I'm going to have to get ANOTHER one of those damn cable boxes for my office TV just so I can watch Liz. I've already got 3 of 'em. Pisses me off how TWC nickels and dimes ya.

    Oh well, it's worth it - I do like the way she fills out a sweater. :D
  8. No, the credit goes to God for making those sweater kittens!
  9. Praise be the Lord.

    I haven't had a TV; moving my office. But I went out and flipped around, and my guess is, Rupert is a leg man. Just a guess mind you, but when David Asman is showing some ankle, along with Liz MacDonald...............
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