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  1. Yes Virginia. We do venture into the ridiculous here on the forum.

    Earlier today I heard some lefty pundits on Bloomberg talking about how Cheney's chances in November are not looking that good. Sprize? NOT.

    So, in order to earn their potato for the month of July, the "pundits" start babbling on about how if/when she loses that no doubt she will be announcing at some point that she is running for President in 2024 as a means of staying relevant.

    Now, obviously Freddy Foreskin is self-stimulating over that right as I speak, but other than that, who the hell is going to attend a Liz Cheney rally? She may put the sizzle on Freddy's steak and she might win the vote in MooseDump, Canada but that does not a campaign make.

    You also have the lefties babbling on about how there is allegedly going to be a lot of dems in Wyoming that will vote for Cheney just to prevent a Trump candidate from beating her and knowing that a dem cannot win. But with the lefty media creating this fairy tale about her being a good pub candidate for 2024 you now put those dems in the position of supporting a potential republican nominee who you could knock off at the local level. Be careful tards, you are not all that smart.

    Voters need to stomp on her sorry arse in Novermber and toss her out and free her up to reach her potential elsewhere- such as by being the photocopy girl down at the Lincoln Group.

    Feel the burn.
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    I think Liz is mentally ill. Can't be more specific than that but nobody *that* hateful is in their right mind. She literally torched her own career like Kitzinger and Mitt Romney.
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  3. Quite so. Even without getting to her clinical problems, she - at a minimum- is not a happy warrior. She is an unhappy warrior. That bitched-out, ragged-out road show she runs might be okay for attack dog stuff in DC against Trump but she definitely fails the "would I want to have a beer with this candidate" test.

    Some of these clowns- the ones you mentioned definitely included- think they have a future when the lefty media pumps them up for a period time because they are useful to the lefty cause- when in fact their own party does not want them afterwards and the dems have no need for them anymore either. So they end out persona non grata.

    Another classic example of this type of clown is James Comey. He crowd-surfed over all the media attention for going after Trump and became a lefty martyr- cutting himself off from Trump world and basic rnc world for obvious reasons. But in the end he was too radioactive to cash in or find a home amongst the lefties. Hillary sent out the word that Comey's games cost her the election in the end, so they won't touch him. Now he is just lost in space somewhere.
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  4. Arnie


    Liz Cheney says she is confident in her reelection in Wyoming despite polling far behind her Trump-backed primary challenger Harriet Hageman – but wouldn't rule out running for president in 2024
    • Rep. Liz Cheney is confident she will still win her Wyoming primary next month
    • 'I don't intend to lose the republican primary in Wyoming,' she told ABC News
    • Also wouldn't rule out a run for the White House in 2024
    • Said, 'I haven't made a decision about that yet,' when asked about a bid
    • Cheney is falling far behind her Trump-backed competitor Harriet Hageman in her primary race, which is being held in August
    • One poll show Cheney trailing Hageman by 30 points and another by 28 percent
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  5. Yeh, well, always good to get re-elected in your current position if you are going to be trying to convince others that you deserve a promotion. Having Dick Cheney out campaigning with you might work well in Casper, Wyoming but does not get you much beyond that.

    The other thing is that- in the unlikely event that she wins her seat- the republicans are definitely going to take the House and her committee assignments will be the equivalent of naming post offices in Siberia. Put that on your resume when you run for prez.

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  6. Mercor


    Liz is all warm and fuzzy because her new friends say good things about her.....She will soon learn her new friends are fake...and will drop her once she becomes irreverent to the left...
  7. ids


    Delusional politics are now everywhere.
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  8. You’re not fooling anyone here, you had her in your spankbank for years and now you, Treefag, Snark and the rest of your idiot deplorable’s feel jilted.
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    delete ecys.jpg
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  10. wildchild


    Liz Cheney is butt-hurt because she had a high profile position in the Jeb Bush administration lined up. Definitely a Cabinet position, maybe even VP. Well Donald Trump put an end to that and she is still seething.

    She is on a collusion course with reality if she thinks the media is going to treat her this kindly once they no longer have a use for her.
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