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  1. whose signing up??
  2. nkhoi


    where, when and what it look like?
  3. well, this is basically a thread, where I can help you and others by answering trading questions
  4. btw, anyone catch MWD today? and if you didnt... why not?? cause it was very easy, just required basi tap reading skills...?
  5. after the opening it vibrated all day, not much to catch unless you're talking about the midday spike down.
  6. I have a question. What is basi tap reading?
  7. you did hear the news?? as soon as the newz hit cnbc, the sellers jsut stepped in....i got short 7000 shares, took a quick 40 cent profit on the ecn's...its an SHO stock so very easy to short
  8. my bad...typo...basic tape reading...and im assuming you know that, right?
  9. F. d'Anconia

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    livingstone, if you made money on mwd today kudos to you, but that move was news driven on that 2.8B settlement news. if you look at chart of all day of mwd it looks like shit, including those 2 weird spikes.

    Maybe your tape reading skills are awesome, but imho those types of moves can get you killed and are generally low odds. They are not technically driven.

    If you wanted to post something obvious where people should have made money, talk about the oils shorts which were pretty easy to nail early on today.

    Again happy you made some money.

    also, how are you going to do classes when you are obviously in the UK since you sign off with "cheers" everytime?
  10. livingto take pole,
    tell us how you can rip off your partners who took you in and gave you everything?
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