Living with the Knowledge

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  1. Living with the Knowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ makes anything and everything possible opens up you entire life's possibilities.

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    Yet you're still broke and soft.
  3. If you were a subscriber, you would know that he, the OP, has precisely what is needed, and is exactly where needed to be to fulfill his destiny.
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  4. Or if you had an imaginary friend as a kid and got past it, cooking is a good way to stay sane.

    I made skinless sausages this morning. There is a neat trick with a plactic bag.

  5. I probably should have added that I cook a lot to help a woman in the area who has no pension so runs a little cafe. Perfectly legal to cook at home and sell commercially in Colombia. We have pretty much perfected the recipes for commercial, getting queues at times which is great to see.

    I find when I have a lost a sense of mission/goal for myself I can still motivate myself through a sense of duty to others even if it is a little bit contrived.
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    That is neat.:thumbsup:

    Jesus backward sounds a lot like sausage.
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    Very similar to life's entire possibilities after inviting Count Dracula into the local blood bank.
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    Try the smoked whatever sausages from field roast and their field burger is delicious.