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  1. This sounds darn good. Are taxes high? What's the downside to Canadian citizenship?
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  2. More questions:
    • If it is true that the U.S. is the primary economic and/or military force in the world, how might this affect the sentiments of non-U.S. citizens?, of U.S. citizens?
    • What would be the difference in sentiment between non-U.S. citizens within nations which have and which do not have access to U.S. wealth? (For example: Canada vs. Uganda)
    • Would foreign sentiment of the U.S. be improved or denigrated should all nations have access to the wealth of the U.S.? (re-phrase: what effect does having the ability to compete for U.S. market share have on a nation's sentiment towards the U.S.?)
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  3. Momento


    totally agreeing with you Swoop.
    The American gov't/media created this image of hatred from the French.

    They do not in fact hate the Americans more than the Americans hate them.
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  4. Momento


    This sounds darn good. Are taxes high? What's the downside to Canadian citizenship?

    TAXES !!!!!!!!!!
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    I know that when I started out had I not lived where I live there is no way I would have made it. There are still area's in Iowa that you can buy a nice house for $25,000 or rent for about $200 a month. (not where I live, but it is still cheaper here then in most places. ) etc.

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  6. lescor


    Income tax in Canada is generally higher than in the US, but not by an outrageous amount. In the top tax bracket you will pay 40 something percent. There are other things that bring it pretty close in line though. Our property taxes are lower and we have higher limits for tax free retirement contributions. Then there's that free healthcare thing. The 50% bonus on the exchange rate makes up for all the rest.
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  7. taodr


    If you live in one of the three big Canadian cities "quality of life" is higher than the US. For the most part one does not have to worry about personal safety for oneself and especially for one's kids. If you like to eat out restaurants are top notch and imported wine is cheaper than in the States. Downsides are cold weather, consumption taxes and truly immature and dumb politicians.
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    Jacques Chirac has used anti-war feeling to, appease the 10% of the population who are muslim, and increase his popularity to get re-elected so he can stay out of jail. He is going to face corruption charges when his presidential immunity runs out. The anti-us/uk feeling he whipped up led to the desecaration of British war graves. He is trying to lead the EU to a position where it can check American power even if it means supporting dictators.
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    If you take all the US taxes - local, state & federal - I can't see that there is that much difference between the US & Europe...some European countries (Switzerland for instance) have much lower taxes than the US and some (Sweden) higher.
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  10. but the 40+% triggers on much lower bracket ...
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