Living under a bridge doesn't stop this homeless woman from staying positive

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    This video reminds us of how fragile a world we live in and that at any time any one of us is 2 steps away from stepping on a land mine period. I volunteer feeding the homeless once a month and I see this all the time. We feed around 300 people, 200 are addicts, 60-70 have mental issues but there are always 10-12 that's speak perfect, look like your typical well educated person and are there because of a land mine they stepped on. Those few lots is the reason I keep going.
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    God bless you ElCubano and may your generosity be rewarded many times over. It's not an easy task to volunteer and weed through those that won't help themselves, and those that can't.
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    Sadly, despite our nation's great wealth, it is far easier to wind up on the street after stepping on one of these "land mines" in America than within most western democracies.
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    Pretty fucking terrible, I live in mid to northeast Cali. I see this shit all the time, i'm just amazed how people never stop and help these folks. Anytime i see people with signs near Grocery stores or at corners I'll go into the store and get these big ready made subs and just pass them out or give cash. Ya i hear all that crap about they'll just buy drugs or booze. I just look at them with amazement on how stupid they sound, they never just tell the truth and say they wont help but they come up with all these elaborate reasons why they don't. So i say fuck your excuses on why you don't and just do, It might be you that needs help some day. Life will turn on you in a second.
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    fuckin A
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    Subprime put lots of Children into crisis mode, Many have experienced extreme poverty, abuse and or into prostitution and they are still out there. These are our American refugees that our government has turned its back on. We bring people from foreign countries under the refugee status and they get Cart Blanche treatment, social security, disability, heath care, rent concessions, at home care and in California we even have a program to pay people $500-800 per month to take these people to the grocery stores or the doctors office. The refugees Social security checks equate to more than what the average US citizen gets per month and Americans have to work all their life for that check. How many of our citizens today get free health care insurance? I don't mind helping people in crisis but we have our own refugees to take care of. Yet here we are in this massive recovery and we have extreme poverty on our streets and we can only afford to finance temporary overnight housing facilities, soup kitchens. But the craziest part about this is, we have to fight the government to finance programs to help these folks.

    Sorry i didn't mean to vent:banghead:
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