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    I know this subject has been touched on in the bigger picture of the Caribbean but I am more interested in peoples opinions of the DR

    ie which is the best area to live, what goods and services are available bearing in mind that we enjoy simplicity but need good communications.

    The power problem while very annoying is not a major because we lived on our yacht for three years in the Pacific and so are accustomed to gensets and backups.

    How good is the internet and what are they offering for instance.

    Just interested in your views on the subject

  2. I lived in Cabarete (windsurfing/kitesurfing resort) for 3 mos in 2004. At the time, internet connections were decent in the internet cafes, but the entire system would crash all the time. It was country wide from what I was told. Fun place to live however.
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    I spend a few months a year on The North Coast of RD. The internet is fairly stable, but does have outages. Cable access to the internet is now available and obviously requires 24/7 power. The DSL is pretty fast. Most gated communities/condos have 24/7 power.

    Make sure you have a charged cell phone and your broker's trading desk on speed dial if you trade in La Republica Dominicana.

    The cost of living is reasonable, you can live very well on under $US2500/month if you don't go out 7 nights a week!

    This website will help you:

    el surdo
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    Thanks Surdo,

    I have the DR1 site, but I am also interested in your opinion.

    What do you consider the nicest places to stay and live on the north shore.

    We thought we would go and rent for a few months to get a feel for the place and it struck us that the north shore would be a good place to start in the DR.

    however we are open minded to any suggestions.
    Dont know anything about Punta Cana.

  6. Check out Samana Peninsula if you are interested in Northern DR.
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    I would try a condo in Cabarete or a villa in Sea Horse Ranch, Sosua. Sea Horse will cost you, but is quite nice. Perla Marina in Sosua is also upscale. Both are 5 minutes from Sosua and 10 minutes to Cabarete. Ocean Dream/Harmony is one of the nicer Condos in Cabarete, walkable to town.

    Punta Cana does not have much of a town and is mainly large All Inclusive resorts. Samana is beautiful, but I would not live there, great for a weekend.

    el surdo
  8. When I was living in Cabarete, I also spent a lot of time in Sosua since it is so close. I really liked it as its mainly a Dominican town, with a few expats here and there (always enough to find for a beer). Really nice people in Sosua, and cheaper than Cabarete (which was also cheap by US standards).

    Night life in Cabarete is legendary, or ridiculous depending on your perspective. If you go there, don't get a place right in town, beach side if you want any sleep. It goes off 7 nights per week. Few affordable places beachside in town anyway. Lots of various places just a few minutes outside of town. I lived in a hotel right in town, but it was a crappy one with no AC, and paid $300 USD per month. Did have a kitchen though. I had a friend that rented a comfy two bedroom house about 3 miles outside of town for the same amt. No AC there either, but not needed at that location as the breezes were strong.

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