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    OMG, i just spit coffee on my monitors when i saw a couple of these...... just what we have been saying all along about these kids..... never worked a day in their life, and they whine about the grave injustices of society, and how they have been dealt a shitty deck, too funny :D
  3. Okay, this a bit disingenuous. You know as well as I do that most of the OWS crowd as well as the Tea Party crowd are pawns in a game they cannot, and will not, understand. So there are a few plants in the group. This has been going on since the sixties.

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  4. By the way they are going to do a movie about Hoover. I do hope it does the man justice. Like him or not he ruled with an Iron Fist. The last President who was not afraid of him died.
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    Plants? These are homes of the kids that were actually arrested. Now I'm sure there is some data mining here no doubt. But this is the bullshit Max and I have been talking about since the beginning. These are spoiled rotten rich kids. I'll say it again RCG, if you want to see real human suffering, get a passport and travel around the world. There is very little "real" suffering here. Certainly not a lot in the OWS crowd.
  6. I do not argue that at all. In fact, some of the people that answer to me I secretly wish I could send to Haiti for just one week.

    I do not argue this at all. But, like trading, politics is contextual. This is a war being fought by big money left and big money right. The folks in the streets do not know this. What the Gambinos and the Genoveses want is volatility, any way they can get it. The best traders will win, and they believe they will go on to shape the world. So far, the leftists are kicking the rights arse in this arena.
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    I'm not speaking about the big money on the right and left. I'm speaking about the tools in the OWS movement that are douchebag hypocrites.
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    Fair enough. After the trip you'll know that our taxes are not high, regulations are not killing us, and that everyone else's governments used stimulus to effectively prop up their economy, too.

    In short, "sounds like a first-world problem to me".
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    Yeah look at how well that is working in Greece. :)

    Thanks Ricter for showing us NOT how to be.
  10. They are being paid for it Mav. Trust me on this one.
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