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    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post.

    I have been trading a demo account for a year and know it's time for the real deal.

    For my first month or six I will be trading one contract. After that I will be trading 10-20 contracts.

    1:2 sometimes 1:3 risk /reward ratio depending on the setup.

    I'm going to be trading for a living from February 16, 2010 until I get bored of it or die.

    I thrive off of people that telling me I can't do something so haters are welcome also.

    I use a combination of the FTT strategy along with a few of my own ingredients. Those ingredients are for me to know and no one else to find out, I don't mean any disrespect but just letting people know not to ask.

    This journal is for me , but any advice or opinion of yours is appreciated.

    I don't have anything to prove to anyone but myself.

    I will be using NinjaTrader and Zanfire

    My life goal is to get rich as hell and open a charity for people less fortunate than myself. These are the means from which I will get rich as hell.

    Best wishes,

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    Choppy day.

    Over traded for my style.

    I want to keep it under 5 trades a day.

    First day using real money

    Emotions kept in check due to small position size.

    Traded 2 contracts on a couple separate occasions.

    Should I be trading a few more contracts to feel the emotion of using real money? Or should I be trading with no emotion whatsoever?

    Down the road I want to trade 10 contracts with $10,000 equity per contract on the /ES.... I don't feel I care what happens with one or two contracts even though I'm trying to stick to the rules and all. Is that good or bad for my overall practice and learning?

    Thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

  3. Interesting journal...
    Trade less contracts for few days to get the feel of real money.
  4. pt199


    What index are you trading? I assume its the YM and ES or
    did I miss something?
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    Sorry not to clarify earlier.

    I am trading the /ES 5 min.

    I watch the /YM 1 min

    I also watch the /DX 3 min

    Goal is to quit the day if Make 8 points or lose 4 points.
  6. pma


    Your R/R is good-as long as you stick with that you will be O.K. :)
  7. Oh had better get in your head immediately that every trade is IMPORTANT...the benefit of trading sim is that it provides you with the opportunity to react as if it is real TAKE CARE..

    Ask yourself would you just shrug off the trade if it was real money? know the answer....

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    Having trouble sticking to my rules today.

    I am my own worst enemy.I'm doing ridiculous things like revenge trades ect. Stuff I see written on this board by others that I never thought I would do myself and here I am doing it lol. Easier said than done to keep discipline I guess.

    I know what I need to fix.

    Now I need to do it.

    From this moment forward I vow to follow my plan to a T and with only 1 contract.

    At one point I was trading 4 contracts . Big no no for me at this time in my trading journey.
  9. you have to let people know the score of a game. so what is it?
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    -1136 lol Lesson learned .... trading 1 contract only.

    I can afford these type of hits without jumping out of a window but I need to be much more disciplined before I increase my position size later down the road, probably like 6 months down the road .
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