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  1. Well, Lets add it up:

    • Datafeed
    • Charting platform
    • Trading Platform(s)
    • Button or Ninja front end for IB
    • Dsl
    • Cable Back up
    • Squawk Box
    • Signal Service
    • Chat Rooms
    • Newsfeeds
    • Seat with FFasttrade
    • Globex Terminal
    • Bloomberg Terminal

    What tools do you suggest/use? Futures Traders?

    Michael B.
  2. You forgot a bag of Doritos, Playboy magazine and a video game.

    That should satisfy 95% of the characters here.

    :D :p :D

  3. When I travel and trade (or trade from the living room at home)... (any high spead provider) I use one laptop, with attached speakers for the squawk box and IM's from the main office. With a single page of Redi/Spoos/DowJones. (if REdi doesn't have what y0u want, then pick it up off the web)....If I want to switch to ET, I can do that too. I teach the bootcampers to focus on only 2 screen (max), and they have screen "real estate" to spare.

    Don't let anyone convince you that you need a whole bunch of "stuff" to make money. The more distractions, the more likely you'll have trouble reading the tape, placing orders and focusing.

    Focus, Focus, Focus......

    The futures guys that I've seen, use the "ladder" screen, and don't have time for anything else. again, focus...

  4. Thats a real ET living room trader. The ET trader also has an extensive collection of free porn links.

  5. while there is much truth in don's post, and i am certain this "b are bones" approach works for churning a living out of the market; some of us are interested in the WHY of market action hence the need for sophisticated tools. the market is an academic pursuit for some, and total available knowledge is KING in this regard. my suggestion is to try all the tools available and stick with the ones you like or work for you.


  6. "Mine is not to reason "why?" - since by then the chance has gone bye-bye".... LOL.... I, too, like to look back and see the "why" after all is done.... And, yes, academics do like to clutter up their screens with "stuff".... and if they like to do that, who am I to judge? I have to deal with traders making money, and that is a different task....and "less is more" (at least until they're showing good profits)....

    ....Hmmm....maybe a dual screen laptop....



    Although knowing the "why" is nice; the market moves before the "why" is known to the masses. Thus, I feel one has to trade according (long or short) based on what they observe ... and later on in the day they may understand the reasons why the market moved in the direction that it did.

  8. lol, don ! may there always be room for "mechanics" and "philosophers" in the market.


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  9. Appian Graphics...."Traveler Card"...slips into the pcmcia slot.

    Here is the paste of the description:

    Appian Traveler - The Appian Traveler is a PC card based on the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) standard and is for use with laptop systems running Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Designed to run with your primary laptop display, the Appian Traveler enables output to a secondary display device such as a stand-alone CRT monitor, LCD panel or desktop projector.

    Michael B.
  10. UVLC


    Don, what do you mean by "ladder" screen?
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