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  1. I am seriously thinking about moving to South Florida, near Miami/SoBe area. I'm currently in New York. I know there are a few prop shops in the area, and I'd like to hear from traders the ins and outs of living and trading from Miami/SoBe area. I'd especially like to hear from traders who have moved to Miami/SoBe area from other places. Thank you.
  2. You will be in similar company. Everyone down there is a trader from NYC. It's a fast pace but coming from the City it won't be much different. You'll feel compelled to get a Lambo and a bimbo with bolt-ons, so beware that the pressures to crush the ball are bigger down there, unless you have a manageable ego. Best of luck. It is a lot of fun for awhile, then it gets old. There are some of the best traders in the world at some of the prop shops in FLA. Miami SOBE wouldn't be my first choice however.
  3. Choose where you decide to live in s.fla carefully, because safe/secure areas are intermixed with low-life areas.. lots of crime, drugs, and low-lifes. Also, If you enjoy traffic lights and nothing but housing complexes alternating with strip malls, well then you'll like s.fla just fine.

    I lived in Broward County for 11 years while working quite a bit of the time in Dade (Miami and Miami Beach); btw, West Palm is no better, imo.

    I am so glad I don't live/work there anymore (traffic including many other things, suck bad). In fact I consider it to be a hell-hole I'll never move back to.. but, to each their own.

    I live on the Gulf Coast (s.w.fla) now, which is much better. But I look forward to getting out of Florida all together. Good riddance.
  4. Yup. I live in an upscale neighborhood in Palm Beach County. In the neighborhood, there are two Broward Cops who commute. Cops don't like living around their area.

    We have three very fit 20 somethings who run early early in the morning. They've been chased by rednecks in trucks to the point of having to split up and scatter, jump fences. They changed their routes only to have a large black man follow them, cut them off, get naked, and masterbate as they came around the corner. Cops? Forget it. Other things to do. This is in an area with homes from 400 to 2mm.

    I saw the Broward guys before they went to work. Had one of the girls with me. He said, "get a gun. Get used to it. It's coming up here".

    It's like friggin fire ants. It's working north. Norman, Nicklaus live 30 min north on the water. That's where the Medalist is. Big money is up there now, but it's working north. ten years, they'll be screwed too.

    Some idiot in my neighborhood rented a house to some Haitians. My neighbor is a US Fed Marshall. In just talking to her, she had noticed, as a cop would, they would back in every night, and change license plates. I don't think that's too good for my property value. What do you think?

    I'm out. Looking at the Carolinas. But West Coast, very far north Florida or out. By the by, Insurances are KILLING us down here. Car, Wind. Brutal. No longer what it was.

    You're very welcome to it all. It was fun for a long time.
  5. As a New Yorker you'll do fine down here.

    As previous poster's have mentioned, SoFla is expensive if you want to live in a relatively safe area. Miami Beach is virtually (violent) crime free. However compared to NYC, SoFla is cheap. Also no state income tax. Since I presume you'll be living in an apartment rather that a SFH you'll have little concern with the prohibitive costs of hurricane insurance and utilities. Don't skimp on the cost of housing. This is a shit place to live poor.

    How old are you? Friends in SOBE? Why the move?

  6. I ate dinner on Atlantic Av in Delray last night. I hadn't been up there at night in several years. Holy freakin' cow! I can't believe how Delray has improved! From the ocean to Dixie it's non-stop restaurants, shops, bistros. Very neat.
  7. lindq


    You call that an improvement? I used to live on the intracoastal in Delray Beach until your so-called 'improvements' started. Left the state and never returned. From the Keys to Vero Beach, it will also just be a parking lot very soon.
  8. Pabst,

    shh... keep it quiet about DRB. IMO it is the best place in FLA. Folksy, less pretentious, not as many tourons, and yet you can still do some quality living.

    Used to call it home and while I don't miss FL I'll always hold a place for DRB. Ever been to the Ugly Duck?
  9. You guys are a bunch of sissys. NYC has its share of really bad areas too. I want to see one of you guys get off the FDR above 125th street in Harlem during the night. Park your car and stand on the sidewalk for 30 minutes. Tell me how safe you feel. Better yet, try the Bronx or certain parts of Brooklyn or go to one of the housing projects and stand out front.

    When people say "NYC", they never seem to mention the Bronx or Harlem. There are also many choice parts of New Jersey such as Newark, Trenton, Paterson and Camden.

    As for drugs, they are everywhere in NYC. I once went to a party in an apartment hosted by a young district attorney that was a friend of my then girlfriend. I went into the bedroom to throw my coat down and low&behold there was a guy and two women. This guy was smoking pot and trying to hook up with the ladies.

    The reason why you dont see drugs in NYC too much is because its well hidden and not seemingly out in the open. Everyone from the high income white collars to the lowest income blue collars are on some type of drugs, prescription or otherwise.

    The questionable neighborhoods are everywhere. The "low-lifes" are a fact of life in every state.
  10. Ha! I used buy my coke there (Spanish Harlem) back in the 80's. :D
    120th and Amsterdam... if I remember correctly.
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