Living large in Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by huskidog, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Any traders living and trading from Vegas please respond.
    What's it like in terms of trading environment, night life, cost of living, etc..

  2. I have never lived in Vegas, but I have been there several times and have had many friends who did...

    Living in Vegas is like you are on an island. First you have Vegas, then you get some miles out from the center and there is nothing but wasteland. Besides the casinos and nightlife, there is nothing else to do. The type of person that lives in Vegas is those that work in the casinos, those that run support like the cops, doctors, etc and then those that are the criminal type. Thats it. Lots of drifters by the way.

    When I lived in California, many people would move to Vegas only to move back a year later.

    My advice would be not to live in Vegas. There are a few other better alternatives like Austin, Texas. Party place with lots of college aged women and there is no state tax.

    The best alternative is Southern California. I had a lot of fun when I lived there and would move back if I could. Yeah the cost of living is high, but its a lot of fun. I was recently on a plane trip where I sat next to this woman who jus turned 20. She was wearing really tight clothes showing her belly. She told me she lived in California and she had a 31 year old boyfriend. I smiled and knodded my head. Yep. Thats how it goes down in SoCal. Finding a good looking in SoCal who is of the soldiers age isnt hard even if your in your 30s-40s.

    The truth is that 31 year old guy probably is sleeping around with a few others too while he goes out with the 20 year old. Oh man, the memories.

    I wouldnt worry about the cost of living. The simple fact is that if there is nothing to do besides becoming an alcoholic then the cost doesnt matter anymore.

    Whhoops. Sorry for the sloppy english in this reply, but im still slogging through my own grind here in the morning.
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    I did it for 2 years and LOVED ever minute of it but I was 33 yrs old at the time and single.

    La vid loca let me tell you :D

    I'm 43 now and seriously considering going back.