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  1. If you move from USA to Asia with children, where would you like to live?
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  3. O no you missed my question, I am not homosexual, I am asking about the Asia…
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    Japan Baby
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    Hong Hong or Singapore. The American International School in Hong Kong is a very good and expensive private school, and many of its graduates go to the top universities in US.
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    a friend of mine (english-speaking dude) is getting his mba in some college in shanghai - he has no family tho - but he's been there for 4 years and loves it.
  7. You shold live NEAR a hospital, because you will be sick quite often. Yes, we are talking about all kinds of acute diseases you will get (flu, cold, diarhea, hepatitis A, SAS, herpes, etc.). As for chronic ones, you will find out after 10 or 20 years (for example, kidney stone for drinking mineral rich water for a long time, liver failure for eating vegetables covered with pesticides for a long time, mental retardation of your kids after licking led-covered toys for a long time, etc.)
    The only exception is Japan which has similar living standard to US. Unfortunately, since you mention "Asia," you are not moving to Japan (99%, similar to traders' failure rate).
  8. hong kong is the place
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    good advice, ex:
    Formaldehyde, for instance, is often used as a preservative in Asia and other parts of the world where refrigeration is scarce.
    In late 2005, the Indonesian National Agency for Drug and Food Control tested 161 samples of fish, shrimp, squid, tofu, and noodles produced and sold across six cities and found that 64 of the samples tested positive for formaldehyde.
    Another problem is a group of chemicals called borates, including boric acid. Borates were widely used in food products in the U.S. and other countries a century ago to improve the texture of food as well as preserve it. Most countries today prohibit its use as a food additive because it is toxic at high levels. Now, the chemical is mainly used in insecticides, flame retardants and cleaning products.
  10. I would recommend Japan, although someone said that the country does not constitute as Asia on this thread. Anyway, Tokyo is a great city even though it is incredibly crowded and rather expensive. Still, if you can afford it and are looking for a location that will best ensure that you have a great quality of life, Japan is the place.

    I would certainly not recommend Singapore for any Westerners btw. They have exceptionally strict laws.
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