Living in an oppressive Republican State

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  1. Indiana is just on a tear trampling people rights. Worker's treated as slaves and now this. Cops can just bust down your door for no reason and you can't do a damn thing about it. Yeah, that Mitch Daniels would be a great President. Balanced budget ain't much good if you're chained to your desk and your family is being attacked by cop goon squads. You boy's on the right better take a hard look and who you're selling your soul too.
  2. I'm going with who ever is from Detroit.
  3. LOL!! Right, because that NEVER happens in lefty states. You're funny man. That's nothing compared to the LAPD and the NYPD. Not to mention how the blue states are the king of stealing people's cars because they find a joint in them. The notion that this is somehow a republican state phenomenon is hilarious.

    All the more reason why Ron Paul should be the nominee. Best of both sides.

  4. Those workers (no apostrophe) can quit, and there are plenty of qualified and willing bodies to replace them, thanks to Barry. [​IMG]
  5. I really hope Ron Paul is not the nominee, but I would vote for Elmer Fudd to make sure Barry doesn't have a second term. [​IMG]
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    You are giving Obama credit for increasing the supply of skilled workers?
  7. You can put it that way, comrade. [​IMG]
  8. Let us celebrate going postal as a reponse to the scoundrels argument.
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    Sooooo many complaints about the government.

    Here's the solution:

    1. Term limits.

    2. A balanced budget amendment.

    3. Elimination of the IRS; implementation of a consumption tax. (This way everybody pays.)
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    1) Can handle a firearm
    2) Used to working with rodents
    3) Birth Certificate not an issue

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