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  1. Have to post this about my cousin. Everyone talks about what they'd do when they make enough money, but most just keep doing whatever it is they're doing.
    My cousin had a small trucking company back in the 80's and through the mid 90's and made a decent buck doing it. Made a nickel or two in the market as well. He always said, when I get to my F'U dollar I'm moving out west to be a Mountain Man. Damned if he didn't do it. 1997 he went out near Buffalo Wyoming, bought some land, built a really nice cabin, (he is a "modern day" mountain man:) ) and lives his life.
    He got hooked up a couple years ago with some Indy film maker from Germany and they now make movies about what interests them...the old west.
    Don't hear from him much anymore, but it always make me smile when I think about him. One of the few who said "F" it and got out.

    He's the first guy climbing the ladder.
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    Him bow hunting:
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    Good for him! Not many people live their dreams:)