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    Again, if there is ANY way possible, live out on your own. Otherwise, if you are going to live at home, may as well have mommy cut up your food and pick out your clothes. A SHORT-TERM arrangement is OK, but more than 6 months is pathetic, even if you get along great with your parents. GET OUT OF THE NEST OR REMAIN AS A WEAK BABY BIRD !!!
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  3. Yo don't be dising his moms.
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  4. "but more than 6 months is pathetic..".... because?

    Is that the extent of your reasoning? Pretty weak..
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    i'd rather live on my own even if it means paying rent (which is alot here in san diego) -how in the hell are you going to bring your drunken lady home for some lovin' if your mom is meeting you at the door with milk and cookies?....establish your on your own makes you more responsible and disciplined- and being disciplined is one of the most important trading qualities to possess- the #1 reason that traders fail is for lack of it....
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    Read this S L O W L Y and maybe it will be easier to understand.

    Living at home in the house mommy and daddy provide for you, on an ongoing basis, is letting someone hold your hand and coddle you through the adult world. The short-term, temporary six month term is to allow for transition if, for example, you are saving up for the initial expenses of getting an apartment (don't worry, even though you would be out on your own in the big scary world, you can still use a night light). Have some pride and get a second job if that's what it takes. Even a lowly place of your own is your own - even Cliff Claven on Cheers got up the courage to stop living with his mother. If you are worried about what girls might think about the kind of place only a few dollars can yield, just keep it very clean with good stuff in the fridge.
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    You are dead-on right! How do you like San Diego? I've heard its a great place.
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  8. You're going into the only profession where you can put in a hard day's work and end up LOSING money! Let's face it, the market makes mincemeat out of newbies. You'll need all the financial help you can get until you learn to be somewhat profitable. Screw pride and independence! Be practical and live at home (heck I would've done it if I could!).
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  9. Well Oliver, you obviously have a very different view of the world to me, so it's pretty pointless for me to keep bashing it. I'll just say this:
    Why not look at living with "mommy and daddy" as simply sharing a home with a couple of roommates? I don't think it means that just cos you're living with your parents that they're just gonna drop everything and wait on you hand and foot. You still have your life to lead, no one's gonna do it for you. It's just that the cost for a roof over your head, usually a person's biggest montly expense, is now gone. COOL!
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  10. Live at home and give your parents a token amount of rent ($100?). The amount is not as important as to the relative amount to your ability to pay. This accomplishes both goals. Financial savings while you still get some degree of psychological independance.
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