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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jpomerenke, Jul 24, 2002.

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    My bar tab is 1700 a month. Rent is only 850. Maybe I should live at the bar.
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  2. living the way you are now ( rent, car, condoms, beer) ...just have enough for a year.......
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  3. if you live in the northeast or california, consider moving to the southeast , texas, or the midwest. Your cost of living will go down while your trading profits/losses stay the same. Or, better yet, live with your parents for a year after you graduate.
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    If you live in southeast , texas, or the midwest, consider moving to Russia :D . You can make a pretty good living there with 200$ a month (if you can tolerate some internet outages of course).

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    I would respectfully disagree with the idea of living at home. Yes, the numbers are easier, however there is a lot to be said for standing on your own two feet, even if it means a second job and lowly digs. If you decide to live at home PAY RENT !!! Every month with a check, even if it's a few hundred bucks and your parents are loaded. If they refuse to cash the checks, give the money to a charity and give them the receipts for tax write-off purposes, on the first of every month. Stand on your own two feet (no offense to anyone with more or less than two feet), otherwise you will go through your adult life weak like a baby bird !!!
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  6. I totally at home and being weak has nothing to do with each other....If you could live at home I would...I didn't have that luxury; but would have done it in a heart beat, if it means I can focus more on trading....
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    Hey I can truly understand this situation. I have been trading for a bit over a year (right out of college) and just went compleatly independent this month. My advice, have a part -time job for as long as it takes. The beauty of our jobs is that you know exactly when you start and end the day, as well as having the weekends off. Use that time to your advantage!!!!! I work at sharper image on the weekends, the extra 1400 a month from that can very well be your month's living expenses depending on your current debt. For that year I unfortunatly had no social life and I lived at home. That is how much I wanted in the game. But now Im moving in a house with some friends, which happens to be next to some good bars and the train station. Its all about building your capital and budgeting it like a hawk. And, how bad you want to play the game!
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  8. No way, living with parents is a totally economic decision, it has nothing to do with "standing on your own two feet". In fact, I would say that living at home IS standing on your own two feet. It takes a man to survey the landscape, admit there will be difficult times and swallow his pride and go home to mom and dad.

    It is a great decision. Your expenses go WAY down and you have the comfort of mom looking after you when things are tough. (Of course, if your parents are the type that are constantly gonna badger you about getting a 'real job', then it might not be the best move.)
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  9. well seeing as my parents live miles and miles from a trading firm lol..that wont happen..but i am allready being smart by living with my parents this summer so i can save more money than living with all my friends in ahouse on the the lake, were all the girls are :(
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