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    I will say right away that I am a true urbanite that was genetically engineered to hate every place of outside of Manhattan. Also, for the past 6 years I was battling some health issues and was pretty much living in the hospital so there wasn't much choice in terms of residence. So, be nice to me, I am a bit out of my depth. I don't even know anyone living outside large cities.

    It's a situation that some of you might remember from your college years - you pick up a girl in a bar only to discover that she lives on the other side of town. I had a preliminary but a pretty serious conversation with a largish fixed income fund, to do the stuff I do now but with more capital and some equity ownership potential. The mandate is a bit broader too and so on.

    There is a big BUT there, of course - they are located in Boca Raton, FL. According to the hedge fund partners, it's an awesome life style, but they are both locals that did a stint in the city and decided to go back once they opened their own shop. The other added benefit is that (at least from what I hear) the tax situation is much nicer in Florida. The negatives are pretty clear - I have to move to Florida, live in a suburb. I have not driven a car for the past 15 years, as a matter of fact.

    Are there any urban people that made that transition? Any advice (both positive and negative)? Happy to hear other thoughts too.
  2. It goes without saying it's a personal choice but Imo, the burbs suck the energy out of you. Pretty mundane and dull, this has it's ups and downs in various points in your life.

    As far as urban life, if you aren't a high energy person, it's fairly easy to absorb some of the energy of the city and feel better.

    Of course this concept is way out there but give it some thought and to where you are in life, healthwise etc, and you'll understand.

    Secondly, the burbs? Zip for diversity. If you feel like living next door to yourself, that's the place to be.
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    Sle, you are throwing a lot of different things into the mix here. One is moving out of NY. That in itself is an issue. Having lived in NY myself, I felt very much like you did. That life ended at the Hudson River. The second issue is that of living in suburbs in general. And third is the idea of living in south Florida. All 3 are very different.

    If it were just a matter of leaving NY city and living somewhere else, I think that would be manageable. If it were simply an issue of moving to a NY suburb where a quick express train could get you into Manhattan, that would also be doable. But living in south FL, now that is a problem. LOL.

    South FL has all the negatives of New Yorkers that live there and all the rudeness they bring with them without the benefit of NY City. Boca is really is a wasteland. Transient people who are all running away from creditors in other states and protecting themselves with the homestead exemption in FL. Your neighbors will be plastic surgeons and south American drug runners. Sprinkle some boiler room brokers for good measure. I honestly think south FL has more con men per sq mile then any place on earth.

    Sure, it's completely devoid of culture, but it's the people that will drive you nuts. I don't know what your financial situation is but I would think quality of life is very important to you. The reason one tries to become financially secure is to pursue "quality of life". There is no amount of money you can make down there that will give you that. That's the problem. My advice, stay in NY.
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    Does not sound good. I am flying down there is a couple weeks to check it out, I'll report here...
  5. I moved from London to a pretty nice small city (bigger, more cultured and diverse than Boca Raton appears to be), and within 3 years I was bored out of my mind. You sound even more of a big city person, so my advice is don't do it unless you *really* need the career break.
  6. Good point. What is the point in being the richest man in Somalia, so to speak? I'd rather be broke in Manhattan than a millionaire in Iran. And in reality the situation is to simply be rather overtaxed and have your 2nd amendment rights infringed somewhat - there are worse fates. If you go to Florida at least live in Miami.
  7. Born in NYC, grew up a few miles from GWB.

    Been to Fla many times. Miami/South Beach SUCKS. It's like the land where douchebags and wanna-be's flock to. No culture, food blows (compared to NYC), and the people are so fake it's repulsive.

    Wouldn't live there year round even if I was given a penthouse in one of their over-rated shitbox condo complexes.
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    Home is where the heart is. Cliche, but oh so true.
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    I get daily email alerts from the NFA. And at least once a week there is a firm of futures brokers shut down in south FL.
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    How do you guys manage living away from family and friends?

    Developing an entirely new social network isn't the easiest thing to accomplish late(r) in life.
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