Living and Trading in Vietnam( Ho Chi Minh - Saigon )

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  1. TRS


    Hi, any traders living and working from Saigon? I understand borders are closed due to Covid-19, just getting in some due diligence before travel is recommenced.
    Have been viewing youtube and reading what I can to get a lay of the land.
    Anyone aware of the availability of trading desks within Saigon? I trade Spot FX and futures and would like to share a space with other traders.
    Appreciate the assistance...
  2. MarkBrown


    wonder what the latency is over there.

    oops did a ping just now to hanoi it was 278 ms so i have to pass.

    by comparison texas to chicago 2 ms att fiber backbone.
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  3. TRS


    Yeah, that’s a valid point for some but not pertinent to myself. And thanks for adding some facts to the database for other knowledge seekers.
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  4. imjohn


    I lived there between 2018-2019. Not aware of any trading desks, as I've always just done my own thing, but there's a large expat presence around Saigon, and a good chance you'll find something. I had a friend working in an unrelated field who could do his job remotely from home, but rented out a small office in District 1 a few days a week for the change of scenery.
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  5. TRS


    Thanks man, appreciate the feedback.
    Suggestion of renting out an office is something I will pursue further.
    All the best..
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  6. Collagen


    I live in Thailand but my latency is under 1ms since I have a server in he US..
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  7. TRS


    Hi, I have Thailand on my radar as well. The area of STH East Asia interests and not far to jump into another country for quick break and change of scene. Obviously some geopolitical tension going down with the Spratly’s but there’s always something going down in this World
  8. wartrace


    What's the latency from your computer to the server in the U.S. ? It may not matter for your style of trading but for a discretionary trader trading intraday it may be an issue. They would still suffer the latency from their keyboard to the server.
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  9. Collagen


    It's ~ 250ms while from Europe is ~120ms. I do scalping as well via RDP to my server trading DAX, UB, GBX etc. The real enemy are disconnections not the 250ms of latency. Having said that, the real reason to have a server in the US is because I am mainly a mechanical trader.
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  10. Collagen


    Right now the issue in Asia is quarantine due to Covid. In Thailand is 14 days currently. So no easy jumping..
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