Living and trading in Mexico

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    I am not very familiar with Mexico, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts on living and trading in Mexico.

    Where are the best places to live and what sort of services are provided. internet, electricity etc.

    Which coast is better, pacific or caribbean.

    Is anyone already doing this.
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    Come on guys. I thought that ET would provide a robust and spirited discussion on this subject.
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    What does "Trading in Mexico" have to do with Psychology?

    I trade from 4 country's throughout the year and can tell you one thing, you better have discipline in order to stay focused on your goals.

  4. If you are successful and make some money, expect to be kidnapped, then expect to be extorted by law enforcment and/or criminal organizations. Oh yeh....their justice system is f'd too!

    Mexico could be a great place, in fact, I think we should allow their five states to become part of the United States, adopt our ways, that would take care of the illegal immigration problem, spur some investment, break up their monopolies, get their populace back to work, and would be a much better place in 20 years.
  5. My brother has a marina condo in PV. There are many developments that cater to expats in PV. It's a slightly older crowd, but the infrastructure is good, albeit not up to US standards.

    Mschey, that's not an issue unless you're in Mexico City or border towns.
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    If you like getting kidnapped and having your kidneys ripped out to be sold on the black market -- than its a fantastic place.
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    The upside is you can always find spare organs if you are a big drinker and need a new liver.

  8. If you find yourself in troube - don't call the police.
    If you find yourself getting sick - don't go to the hospital.
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    The place is lawless, period, always was. The northern part of the country is entirely run by drug cartels. If you are in some gate guarded community you might be ok but if you own property, watch out, about 1980's time period they let Americans have 99 year leases on properties and let them build grand casas and then 15 years later the supreme court ruled that the land belonged to an Indian tribe and the leases were cancelled and the people evicted. The Indians never saw any of the money or the inside of the houses even... I talked to a Mexican that is a small business owner in the US, he told me that even if you are a citizen, to own property you have to be part of the government..

    BTW, that vision of Mexico is what some people want and are pressuring for in the US. They are not fun to watch or listen to what with the madding wine they serve with such glee and regularity...

    Mexicans that ran away to the US are a pretty good bunch of people actually, on a personal level. They can be really ignorant because about half are illiterate in spanish and english, nonetheless a pretty good bunch. They are happy to have anything at all and they know the difference between America and the typical garbage served up around the world...
  10. Hell NO! :mad: I don't want Meyhico becoming part of the US! I know you were just joking. :cool: But that's what the Neo Con and New World Order want. I don't leave out Dems as Clinton was the proponent of NAFTA.

    There has been alot of secret meetings between Canada, US, and Mexico and a North American Union. Lou Dobbs talks about it alot on CNN.

    I know it's a bit far fetched, but I often wonder if that's why USD/CAD are so close to parity, in preparation for a union of some sorts like the EU.
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