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  1. I am here to spread the word and answer any questions. LVX is phenomenal.
  2. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear.

    I use LVX. I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability but please keep in mind I am not a market maker, just a retail trader.

    The technology is very Apple-like in it's simplicity, customization and power. I am running two 27 inch displays in 2550x1440 resolution and LVX is built to take advantage of every inch of it. There is no limit to the number of monitors you can use, LVX can have windows in every single one of them.

    As far as the learning curve, it was almost immediate. Again, very Apple-like.

    You can arrange your layout (i.e. choose your windows, move and resize them) however your heart desires. LVX remembers your layout automatically and you can also save layouts so you can switch back and forth without having to rearrange anything.

    The analytics are perfect, I have complete confidence in their data. The vol analysis is worth its weight in gold. Execution also superb.

    I am on a first-name basis with some of their management, some from the executive team and also the trade desk. Their customer service is phenomenal.

    I feel like if you know what you're doing, this platform really levels the playing field. TOS seems prehistoric in comparison.

    This was a great decision for me.
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    It sounds like you were a former TOS customer. I'm curious to know which LVX features, besides their beautiful Skew Charts, you feel are better than TOS?
  4. Yes, former TOS user. I didn't trust the accuracy of their data. When I tried the free trial of Livevol Pro (available on their blog), the answer was clear.

    Their vol analysis is much more comprehensive than just the "pretty" skew charts. Watch the demo or sign up for a free trial for LVP. It is much easier to go delta neutral on LVX. Risk analysis outshines TOS risk graphs, and I loved that aspect of TOS. I don't think you can do things like "vol shocks" in TOS. Although most of Livevol's customers are MMs, there are quite a few retail TOS guys who made the jump like me.
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    Can I use livevolx with my existing ib account? Does it support options on futures?
  6. Livevol is the introducing broker and IB is the clearing broker. Basically you sign up with Livevol but you can view your portfolio in TWS if necessary.
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    Thanks for sharing your testimonial, good stuff. It would be nice to see a table on their website comparing their features to a few other popular options brokers.
  8. haha... hard to believe how much they offer .. i'm watching the demo.. its crazy how oriented the platform is to watching order flow... its sort of perfect for watching skew.. with the replay.. and if you were going to do vol dispersion trading you can compare the vol in the index against members in so many different ways.. the scan is ths shit..
  9. i can't do it though

    "For Regulation T accounts at Interactive Brokers, $35k is required for initial funding, customers must maintain account equity of $30k, otherwise account restrictions will apply."

    i'm not there yet.. :(

    live vol pro is 250 a month .... seems very worth it..
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