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    Hello everyone!

    I am an options market maker and also a founder at an options analysis firm called Livevol. We have a front end analysis system called Livevol Pro that is spreading quite rapidly among the professional traders and market maker community.

    • Realtime option and volatility analytics.
    • IV and HV with charts
    • Earnings and Dividends for 3200 stocks
    • Market Scanner; vol, order flow, price moves, oi, option volume
    • Volatility Tick Charts
    • Streaming real-time trade tracker, and block trades with Watchlist

    and much, much more.

    You can see the product here:

    Please check it out and feel free to contact us for a trial...

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    What exchanges/instruments do you cover? Just equities, or commodities as well?
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    All US equities and options for now.

    NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OPRA... it also has is ISE Sentiment.


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    I am really impressed with the product. The options analytics and the scanner are the best tools for finding and evaluating trades.
  5. registered for the free site and it looks great- even the 'delayed' options quotes are real-time- that's very helpful.
  6. If you post solely to publicize your site, you are violating terms of service.

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    Hi Mark,

    We are the sponsor of this forum; we are definitely following the terms of service. Our goal is to let options traders know about our technology.

    I see you have written a book on options, very cool! Do you use implied and historical volatility in your analysis?


  8. This is all it seems to say:

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    We are a paying sponsor. That is our ad on the top of the options forum.

    If we were posting with the links and whatnot without being a sponsor, it would be a violation.


  10. nice site
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